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Gallery : Spine Labels

Spine Labels make it easy for students to browse and find resources they need and love to read!

At Syba Signs, we understand the importance of keeping your library collection organised and resources readily accessible to library users. That's why we offer a large range of high-quality spine labels to suit all your needs! Whether you are after a range of Senior or Junior Genre Spine Labels, Fiction or Non-Fiction Colour Coded Spine Labels, Alphabet or  Premier's Reading Challenge Spine Labels, we have everything you need to keep your shelves tidy and make browsing a breeze.

Our standard labels measure  19mm x 19mm, ideal for most library collections. Need a custom size label or a custom labels for a special collection? We offer custom wording and sizes to fit your unique labeling needs.  

Here's a selection of images to inspire your next collection makeover!


Acrylic Collection Dividers Acrylic Collection Dividers Acrylic Collection Dividers Acrylic Collection Dividers


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